Loans Boxes

Inspire children through handling objects in the classroom.

Each loan box contains a minimum of 10 objects (except the Natural History box), as well as teachers’ notes, photos, activity ideas and timelines.

Boxes are available in 5 week blocks with set out and return dates.

Subjects include:

Stone Age Box 1 and 2 – survival/tools

Egyptians Box 1,2 and 3



Inspiring Writing/Inspiring Art – mixed objects, 3 different boxes

Toys Through Time

Romans – Box 1 and 2

Natural History – taxidermy animals/skeletons – up to 3 per loan

Anglo Saxons – Box 1 and 2

Dinosaurs – 3 cased dinosaurs – Iguanodon, Stegosaurus, Triceratops plus resource box

Ancient Greeks – Box 1 and 2

Vikings – Box 1 and 2


WW2 Evacuee


Ancient Sumer


Coming soon ….. Bronze/Iron Age, Castles, Seaside


Detailed information about each can be found in the Loans Box catalogue available via link below.

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