Secondary School KS3 KS4 KS5

The Learning Team are able to offer a small number of sessions created specifically for a KS3, 4 or 5 audience.

Please email for costs.


Careers Workshop; Suitable for KS3,4,5  60 or 90 minute options

This takes students through the different roles within the museum, focusing on how each team interacts with objects in the collection. It also includes a handling activity for students to deduce what several mystery objects are.  This workshop lasts 60 mins.

We can extend the workshop to include the opportunity to learn about exhibiting objects and writing captions similar to those found on display. This is an additional 30 mins.

This workshop can be run at the museum or in school.

An adapted version of this workshop is available for KS2/Y6. Please email for information. 


Roman Identity

This is a 90 minute workshop for KS3 students.

Roman Britain was a multicultural place, traders and settlers came from all over the world to live in Britain. Many British people who were born here adopted Roman customs and identities, they married Romans citizens too. These are the people who are some of our ancestors. The workshop investigates this by looking at bones and teeth and what we can tell from them, looking at the science involved, investigating what we can tell from grave goods and handling artefacts.

This workshop is run in the Museum


Loans Boxes

Our range of loans boxes are also available to secondary schools, with the Inspiring Art/Writing boxes being particular popular. The same policy applies for all schools re borrowing the boxes as stated in the loans catalogue and information.  Click here to go to LOANS BOX information


Work Experience

We are no longer able to offer work experience placements for KS4/5 students. However we do have a Work Experience Challenge that can be sent to schools. We are able to introduce this to students as part of a careers talk or assembly.  It involves students still visiting the Museum and looking at objects and exhibitions in order to complete the challenge.  Please email for more information.