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Oboshi dines with Moronao's spy Kudayu at the Ichiriki Brothel

Act VII. Oboshi dines with Moronao’s spy


Artist: Hiroshige, Utagawa (1797-1858)

Title: Act VII. Oboshi dines with Moronao’s spy, Kudayu, at the Ichiriki Brothel

Series: The Loyal League of the 47 Ronin

Japanese Series: Chushingura (16 prints)

Publisher: Senichi

Date: Edo Period

Oboshi, ever loyal to his dead Samurai master Lord Enya, creates a deplorable persona for himself. To put Moronao’s protectors off the scent of a revenge plot, he bides his time by outwardly becoming lewd and drunk, thus casting shame on himself in the process. The meeting also marks the first anniversary of Lord Enya’s death.


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