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Act V.

Yoichibei, Okaru's father, being robbed and murdered

Act V. Yoichibei being robbed and murdered


Artist: Hiroshige, Utagawa (1797-1858)

Title: Act V. Yoichibei, Okaru’s father, being robbed and murdered

Series: The Loyal League of the 47 Ronin

Japanese Series: Chushingura (16 prints)

Publisher: Senichi

Date: Edo Period

Kampei had a flirtation with Okaru and after realising his error with relation to Lord Enya, fled to her parents’ home. To redeem his honour, Okaru’s parents sell their daughter to a brothel and plan to contribute the money to the revenge plot.  The print shows Okaru’s father, Yoichibei, being robbed and murdered on his return through the woods.


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