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Inside the Carriage Museum

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Inside Maidstone Carriage Museum

Fri 11th Sep 2020 to Tue 30th Sep 2025 - All Day

Special Events

Originally created for the Heritage Open Days Festival in 2020, this series of 4 short videos will take you inside the Maidstone Carriage Museum to explore some of the fascinating stories and intricate details of these beautiful vehicles.

The videos can be viewed below and are also permanently available on our YouTube channel too.

Discover more about our beautiful ceremonial landau, including an exclusive look inside. This is the only vehicle in the museum’s collection which is still in regular use today as it’s used each year for the installation of the new Mayor of Maidstone.

Hear the tragic tale behind the Earl of Moray’s travelling coach and learn more about it’s unusual history.

Enjoy a double treat as we take a look at two of the more practical carriages in the museum’s collection; a rather grand ‘Four in Hand’ and a more everyday ‘Bow-Fronted Brougham’ – the taxi of its day!

Explore a trio of carriages, including a ‘sculpture on wheels’, something from the Royal Collection and a carriage from the 1700’s – the last of its kind from this era!