These Walls Can Talk!

Welcome Friends!

Follow me, the Spirit of Chillington Manor, to find out about the history of the buildings which now house the museum, and the people who built, lived and worked in them.

Watch  four films here, covering the medieval to Victorian period. Versions available with and without BSL.

Click on the films below to watch directly or click the links to watch on YouTube:

Episode 1 with BSL  Episode 1  13-16th century

Episode 2 with BSL  Episode 2  17-18th century

Episode 3 with BSL  Episode 3  Victorian expansion 1850-1901

Episode 4 with BSL  Episode 4  1901 to the present day


We are grateful for the support of Arts Council’s Emergency Response Fund, which enabled the making of these films. The films provide a virtual visit to the museum’s spaces and its history at a time when access is more limited. We hope that they excite your interest and you will come and see us in person very soon!