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Act VI

Three hunters bringing Yoichibei's corpse

Act VI. Three hunters


Artist: Hiroshige, Utagawa (1797-1858)

Title: Act VI. Three hunters bringing Yoichibei’s corpse, two Ronin wearing basket hats visiting Kampei

Series: The Loyal League of the 47 Ronin

Japanese Series: Chushingura (16 prints)

Publisher: Senichi

Date: Edo Period

In the fifth act, Kampei accidentally shoots a man and finds on him a large purse of money. Kampei mistakenly thinks he has killed Okaru’s father and commits suicide himself, but before he dies he realises that he was mistaken. The Ronin decide that Kampei should be included in the vendetta to avenge Lord Enya and he signs a scroll in his own blood before dying.


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