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Act I.

Lady Enya at Hachiman Shrine

Act I. Lady Enya at Hachiman Shrine


Artist: Hiroshige, Utagawa (1797-1858)

Title: Act I. Lady Enya with Tadoayoshi, Moronao, and Wakasa at Hachiman Shrine

Series: The Loyal League of the 47 Ronin

Japanese Series: Chushingura (16 prints)

Publisher: Senichi

Date: Edo Period

In the first act Lady Enya (Asano) is represented by a male actor (onnagata). The play opens with the Lady arriving at the Hachiman Shrine to identify the helmet of the slain General Yoshida. Lady Enya rebukes an advance made to her by Moronao which insights him to dislike her husband.


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