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Cur8 - Kiu Yan

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Cur8’s Object Opinion – Kiu Yan

Roz Meredith
5th Feb 2020
By Roz Meredith

Kiu Yan’s Blog

To begin with, my name is Kiu Yan and I’ve been coming to Cur8 for about three years. It was the end of year 7 when I first heard about Cur8 and decided to join due to my interest in history and the intriguing prospect of redesigning a gallery focused on ancient civilisations.

I particularly like this painting, which can be found in the Japanese gallery, because of the unconventional proportions which elongates the viewer’s perspective of the composition, as well as the vibrant night-time atmosphere generated by the busy activities of merchants in the street.

The simple clarity of the night sky is another aspect of this painting which I like, with the moon being the only instance of blank space in the composition. The softly illuminated street paired with the bright glow of the moon successfully achieves a serene harmony of light and dark, and the simplicity suggested by the monochrome nature of the sky makes for a rather majestic composition.

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