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Cur8 Carmen & Libby

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Cur8 Object Opinion – Carmen & Libby

Roz Meredith
5th Feb 2020
By Roz Meredith

Carmen and Libby’s Blog

Our names are Carmen and Libby, we have been coming to Cur8 for about a year. We started coming to Cur8 because we thought it sounded interesting and fun! We enjoy seeing behind the scenes of the museum and doing fun activities in all of the galleries in the museum!

The Pink Straw Hat: 1960’s

We chose this hat because we were interested by its shape, colour and its fantasy floral design. We found this hat rather amusing as we think it resembles a shower cap! We saw it in the archaeology gallery, where it caught our eyes due to its vibrant pink colours! This accessory is a copy of the original hat created by Aage Thaarup. It has a large pink blooming rose on the front, which makes it very unique, and unlike anything we would wear in the 21st century.

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