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Cur8 Object Opinion – Samuel

Roz Meredith
6th Feb 2020
By Roz Meredith

Samuel’s Blog

My name is Samuel and I have been a member of Cur8 since its inception. I have always been very interested in history and I hope to enter a career in this area. I have always been particularly fascinated with military history, hence the choices on this list.

Shin Guntō

This object interests me as it is essentially an updated version of the traditional Japanese katana Samurai sword of feudal Japan updated to suit Imperial Japanese Army production needs. The Type 95 “new military sword” was introduced in 1935 for use by NCOs. It was cheaper and less ornate than the type 94 weapon for officers. This example was captured at Kohima by The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment in 1944.

This object interests me as it is a very interesting indicator of the traditionalist views of the Imperial Japanese Army’s high command before and during ww2. The fact that even non-commissioned officers were issued with swords mirrors the Samurai tradition which was upheld by the army throughout the war, even though swords had virtually no role in modern warfare.

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