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Cur8 - Alannah & Molly

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Cur8 Object Opinion – Alannah & Molly

Roz Meredith
5th Feb 2020
By Roz Meredith

Alannah & Molly’s Blog

Our names are Alannah and Molly, we have been at Cur8 since October 2018. We started Cur8 because, we thought it would be a good idea to try something new. The object we have chosen today is a Mammoth’s left shoulder blade. We have chosen this object because it caught our eye of how large it was. We liked that it was from a mammal in the prehistoric times, we also like that the Mammoth was such a large animal and how big its bones were. Our favourite thing about it was how much the shoulder blade weighs, up to 6 Tonnes! Another favourite thing about our object is, that a Mammoth was a colossal creature that played an important role in history.

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