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Coming Home Reviews

Discover what visitors have to say about our WWI exhibition
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Coming Home Reviews

Maidstone Museum
6th Dec 2016
By Maidstone Museum

We at Maidstone Museum always like to gather feedback from our visitors to determine precisely how and where we can make improvements to the experience on offer. Of utmost importance is the need to ensure that the events and exhibitions on display throughout the museum are appealing and engaging to everyone. With our current exhibition, Coming Home: Conflict & Care in 1916, we wanted to ensure that this poignant and compelling collection of First World War displays was engaging with our visitors.

As such, we’re delighted to provide just a few of those comments that have been provided to us as feedback for the exhibition. A big thank you goes to all who have visited and those that left their comments and reviews of the collection. We hope this helps provide a fresh insight into the exhibition.

”Poignant and disturbing yet informative and beautifully curated. I hope lots of people see this exhibition and take away knowledge and a deeper experience of the horrors of war.”

”Very interesting, well presented exhibition. Wonderful variety of exhibits covering so many aspects of WWI life.”

”One of the best exhibitions relating to WWI that I have seen. Congratulations!”

”Very well presented. Grandfather fought in the First World War, came home injured but safe. We should never forget the sacrifices made by so many.”

”Very moving. Old enough to have heard stories, but parents, grandparents, and younger people should see this.”

The Coming Home: Conflict & Care in 1916 exhibition runs until January 7, 2017. Make sure you visit the exhibition inspired by two works of art by painter Frank Hyde.