School Workshops: History

Our History themed workshops cover the following topics:

Prehistory – Stone Age

Learn about technology, ritual and daily life before written history began. Handle tools and investigate how life has changed from 30,000 years ago.

Ancient Egyptians – Marvellous Mummies

Discover the techniques of mummification and the beliefs involved. Visit Ta-Kush, mummified nearly 3,000 years ago.

Roman Britain – Invaders & Settlers

Contrast Roman arms and armour with the benefits of the Roman invasion – what did the Romans bring to Britain?

Ancient Greeks

Learn about Greek life, democracy, gods and theatre and handle artefacts

Anglo-Saxons – Finery, Feasting, Fighting!

Explore Anglo-Saxon everyday life using artefacts and exploring the gallery.  Use ipads to record findings. (Gallery based)

The Tudors

Explore the differences between rich and poor in Tudor society and try a Tudor dance in the 16th century Great Hall.

The Victorians – Childhood

Find out, using artefacts, what life was like for a Victorian child at work, play and school.

The Victorians – Explorers

Discover the world of local Victorian explorer Julius Brenchley. Investigate objects from around the world using maps, objects and photos. (Gallery based)

Toys through Time

Handle old and new toys to find out how they have evolved through new materials and how play has changed.

Local History – Industry and Sweets!

Learn about Maidstone’s key industries – papermaking, brewing and sweet-making. Find out how advertising grew Sharps from a small company to a factory which changed Maidstone.

World War I

Use letters, artefacts and a painting to find out how different the war could be for soldiers in the trenches and people at home.

World War II – A Child’s Experience

Glimpse how life changed for children affected by the war using objects from the museum’s collection.